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August 17th Rotunda Roundup

Sorry for the delayed post to those who have spent the afternoon refreshing this page....I had napping to do and Nintendo 64 to play.

There is some news on the quarterback battle.  While still mostly guesswork, there is some sort of emerging pecking order.  David Watford is getting concentrated reps and seems to be competing with now-frontrunner Michael Rocco for the job.  Expect more right here on Streaking the Lawn as the picture becomes clearer. 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have heard that there's big trouble brewing in Coral Gables for the Miami Hurricanes - some thoughts on how this impacts the Hoos from "Teel Time."

Tony Bennett has been working with USA basketball over the summer.

The Hunter Smith Building is the luxurious new home of the Cavalier Marching Band.