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Virginia's Quarterback Uncertainties Far From Over

The battle continues between Ross Metheny and Michael Rocco for Virginia's top quarterback slot. // via
The battle continues between Ross Metheny and Michael Rocco for Virginia's top quarterback slot. // via

On Monday, Coach London announced that Michael Rocco would be the starting quarterback this weekend against William & Mary, and that true freshman David Watford is slated to take some snaps in game as well. Excitement filled the air as finally, fans had one man to put their support behind. One man to evaluate and critique. One man on whom to place all their faith.

But this also left many wondering, what happened to Ross Metheny, who at one point was considered by many (including myself) to be the frontrunner for the position? It turns out Metheny isn't too far behind, and if Rocco can't get the job done, Coach London says he'll turn to Metheny - not Watford - to pick up where Rocco left off.

When asked yesterday afternoon what Rocco did to separate himself from the quarterback pack, London noted a level of consistency that was found in Rocco but not the other three guys. This consistency extended to quarterback reads, ball distribution, and high-percentage throws and passes.

"It wasn't that Ross Metheny was way behind him by any stretch," London told the media. "As much as you characterize it as a three-way battle for the quarterback, it's more so Michael emerged as the guy going into this game that Coach Lazor and the offensive staff and we feel comfortable with taking that first snap."

Rocco might be QB1, but he's not going to do the job on his own, as London is hoping that he can get the job done "with some of the limited things that [the staff plans] on doing with David Watford." What happens if it doesn't work out?

"If [Rocco's] performance is not at a level that's high enough to help us achieve what our goals are, then Ross, who has been in the offense himself, will have that opportunity."

So if you're Michael Rocco, how comfortable do you feel in your position? I'd say not particularly comfortable. Hopefully the job insecurity and the, as London puts it, "constant evaluation" is pushing him to perform at a higher level.

"We will [be looking closely, as] to the production, the efficiency, the opportunities, whether it's Michael Rocco, Ross Metheny or David Watford, and the young guy that's pretty good, too, is Michael Strauss. We'll see and evaluate them as the season goes on as to what kind of production we're getting."