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Updated Tailgate Information

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STL Tailgate vs. W&M
STL Tailgate vs. W&M


Hey folks -- we're just two days away from opening kickoff against William & Mary, so we just wanted to update everyone on the STL Opening Kickoff Tailgate, presented by Roy Wheeler Realty

First -- yes, it's still on like Donkey Kong.

Second -- we'll have Raising Cane's and Jinx's Pit's Top BBQ there to feed the hungry, but once it's gone, it's gone! So come early! Same goes for our adult beverages!

Third -- we're very excited that Robert Redd, the world's first Literary Product CompanyTM and makers of knit shirts and other fine clothing products, will be giving away one of their brand new UVa shirts in "Slate Blue and Autumn Glory."  All you have to do is show up and enter the contest!

Fourth -- we will be located in the North E parking lot.  It's on McCormick Road heading up towards Slaughter, but not nearly as far as Slaughter -- more like across from Watson/Webb. Here's a helpful map.

Finally -- thanks once again to the generous support of Roy Wheeler Realty, without whom none of this would be possible. Their team is dedicated to the Charlottesville and surrounding community and has been leading the way in Charlottesville real estate since 1927.