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College Football Top 25 Draft BlogPoll: Week Four

(Republished from this morning on account of user error.)

We've got our Week Four draft BlogPoll ballot below and want your comments before we have to submit the final version tomorrow morning. This week, Oklahoma moves to our number one spot after topping the Noles, albeit barely. The only reason LSU took a two-spot dive is that that's how the numbers worked out after you averaged my and Tiki's ballots. I previously had them at No. 1, and dropped them down to No. 2. Tiki has had them at No. 3 pretty much all season.

So, actually not too much movement going on in the upper echelon of our ballot. A middling performance by the second half of the list last week led to a number of teams dropping out. I should also note that Tiki did not include Clemson or USC on his ballot, whereas I ranked them No. 21 and No. 23, respectively. Instead, he had Penn State coming in at 24 and North Carolina coming in at 25.

More after the jump, including a plea to help us reconcile our ballots.

I was high on Auburn before last week, which is why Clemson makes a relatively high debut on my list. Am I being too reactionary here? I was also impressed with Georgia Tech this week, who schooled Kansas 66-24. Also, I had great joy in dropping Ohio State altogether.

Other big differences between our ballots that we could use your advice on: Tiki's got Oklahoma State coming in at No. 8, while I have them at No. 12.  The AP and USA Today polls have them at 7 and 6, respectively. What am I missing here? They haven't been challenged, except for against a 1-2 Arizona team (though to be fear, Arizona's losses come to Oklahoma State and Stanford). I am fairly confident that, for example, Florida State or South Carolina could beat them in a head-to-head.  I might even put money on Oregon coming out on top there.

Same deal with TCU -- Tiki and the national polls have them at No. 20; I have them at 25. The Horned Frogs lost to Baylor in Week 1 and have since beaten Air Force and Louisiana-Monroe.  Why is everyone else so high on them?

Anything else we're missing on our ballot? Help us decide before tomorrow morning.