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UVa's 2012 ACC Baseball Schedule

The entire 2012 schedule for the baseball program hasn't officially been released yet but, we do have the ACC slate the Cavaliers will face. Per the division rules, the Hoos will face all five Coastal division opponents and all but one Atlantic division team. For the past two years, Wake Forest has been the team that got to avoid the Cavaliers but for 2012 and 2013, that team will be the BC Eagles. 

March 9-11 Virginia Tech
March 16-18 Florida State
March 23-25 Clemson
March 30-April 1 NC State
April 6-8 Wake Forest
April 13-15 North Carolina
April 20-22 Duke
April 27-29 Miami
May 4-6 Exam Break
May 11-13 Georgia Tech
May 17-19 Maryland
May 23-27 ACC Tournament (Greensboro, NC)

(Home Series in BOLD)

The hardest part of the schedule is clearly going to be the back to back weekends of Clemson and Florida State in March. Both teams are perennial powerhouses and this year should be no different. Cavalier fans should be getting their tailgates and orange shirts ready for both the April 13-15 showdown with the Tar Heels and the May 11-13 faceoff with the Yellow Jackets. The Tar Heels are coming off a 2011 run to Omaha and are expected to make a return visit while Georgia Tech underachieved this past year in the NCAA tournament but is an ACC favorite. 

All in all, to quote Dennis Green "THEY (the schedule) ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!" No surprises on the ACC schedule but it would be nice to rotate again through the Atlantic and have FSU or Clemson off the schedule and feed off the weaker division in the conference.