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September 20th Rotunda Roundup

Yes, this feature has been inconsistent.  But don't worry, our daily links post is back...and heavily focused on ACC expansion today (as has been the norm this week)

There's been lots of consternation in the comments here over how UVA will fare in a new ACC divisional alignment.  Terps Insider floats one solution, which keeps Virginia on the opposite side from most longtime ACCers.  Heather Dinich's suggestion seems surprisingly palatable (and uber-simple).  

Many have assumed that the ACC will snag two more teams to jump to 16...but is this really the case?   Here's another look at expansion from a ratings/monetary perspective.

President Teresa Sullivan comments on what expansions brings to UVA.

In semi-UVA sports news: An absurd finish results in a "Southwest Virginia Bowl" victory for UVA-Wise.  Video enclosed of one of the wildest punt-return laterals you'll ever see.