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Virginia Cavaliers Basketball Opponent Q&A: Talking Georgia Tech with From the Rumble Seat

SBNation's Georgia Tech site, From the Rumble Seat, checks in with us to let Cavalier fans know what they think about the Yellow Jackets, Brian Gregory and that brand new arena.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

From The Rumble Seat wanted to talk to us so badly about their team that they actually sent two of their bloggers our way to chat Georgia Tech basketball with us. It's unclear their level of sobriety when answering some of these questions.

Streaking the Lawn: Brian Gregory has had only one year leading the Yellow Jackets, but the team finished 11th in the conference last year. What are your feelings on what he's done with the program so far?

From the Rumble Seat Blogger #1: He came in with the program in a shambles and had two players leave the program immediately and another left in every way, except his body was still in a GT uniform. Gregory has stopped the slide in my view. We will see how this season goes. The out of conference schedule is forgiving, so if he can win six league games, well, maybe this will be a winning season.

STL: How's that new arena shaping up?

FTRSB#1: The GTAA says all is ready. We will get our chance to judge it in a few days.


STL: Who is the newcomer that you think will make the biggest impact this year?

FTRSB#1: The newcomer with the best chance to play a bunch of minutes early is Stacey Poole, but I think the best newcomer on the team will be Robert Carter. We need more options at the ! and 2 spots and Poole can play either position. I think he will bring a lot of energy to the team, as well.

FTRSB#2: Stacey Poole. He will give us another dynamic ballhandler who can "get his", if necessary, and make us less of a half-court team. Unfortunately he can't suit up until the first of the year because of transfer rules.

STL: The Yellow Jackets were picked to finish ninth in the ACC this year. Fair? Not Fair?

FTRSB#1: That is probably fair, but we all hope for a bit more. Really, though, six or seven wins would be a huge improvement over last year.

FTRSB#2: Fair given last year's misery, but I think we will sniff the NCAA tournament this year. We'll be so much deeper now from a stellar recruiting class (featuring Robert Carter PF, Marcus Hunt SF, Chris Bolden SG) plus the transfer of the aforementioned Poole.

STL: Who does Virginia need to watch out for most this year?

FTRSB#1: I think our best player this year could be Daniel Miller. He certainly has the skills, but was not consistent last year. I am hopeful the off season workouts added muscle and that he gained the confidence to play a higher risk game.

FTRSB#2: Daniel Miller and Julian Royal. These two guys are Bigs who have developed a face-up-to-the-basket game and will be able to stretch the defense out to about 15-18 feet.

STL: Which of Virginia's players gives you the most concern?

FTRSB#1: I am still waiting for Mike Scott to graduate. Oh? He did? Well, who will take shots for them this year?