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Virginia Cavaliers Basketball Player Profile: Doug Browman

Walk-on senior Doug Browman looked like he was going to have a big impact on the Hoos early this season, because of the injuries to PGs Jontel Evans and Malcolm Brogdon. The suspension of freshman PG Teven Jones opens up even more opportunity for Browman, who may end up starting the opener against George Mason.

Because of the injury to senior PG Jontel Evans, and the surgery sophomore Malcolm Brogdon had in March, the Hoos were seriously lacking at the PG position. With the recent announcement of a suspension to freshman PG Teven Jones, the Hoos are set to start the season without a single scholarship PG available.

Enter Doug Browman. Browman is a walk-on who joined the team in 2009. Browman played High School ball at the same school as freshman Justin Anderson, and was a major part of the recruiting effort to get Anderson to Charlottesville. Some reports say that junior swingman Joe Harris will start at PG, while some mention freshman SG Taylor Barnette as a possibility. But Browman would be the only "true" PG on the roster, and may be given the chance to start the opener against George Mason.

Browman would not be the first walk-on to start at PG for the Hoos. In 1998-99 season, walk-on Josh Hare started a couple of games and averaged over 20 minutes a game for the Hoos. Hare averaged 3 points, 2.5 boards and 2 assists per game. Hare's biggest strength was on defense, where his toughness and hard work was invaluable to that team.

Browman will be asked to provide much of the same that Hare did. Browman has played a total of 35 minutes in 15 games over his career, all of it in garbage time. He has scored 12 points (on 4-6 shooting, including 3-4 from 3 point range), has 6 rebounds and 5 assists. He also has 3 steals.

Browman had some scholarship offers from low-major colleges. He also had a chance to play in the Ivy League. He isn't just some practice fodder for the Hoos, Doug can play. At just 5'11" and 176 pounds, Browman is going to be undersized, even against some of the weak early season opponents the Hoos will face.But Browman is tough, and he isn't likely to face a PG quicker or stronger than Jontel Evans, who he has been practicing against for the past 3 years.

Let's be realistic, though. Nobody is expecting Browman to come in and be a big offensive threat. What the team needs from him is to handle the ball, play tough defense on opposing PGs, and not make mistakes. If he succeeds, he'll join Hare (among others) on the list of memorable walk-ons for Virginia basketball.