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Virginia Cavaliers Basketball Player Profile: Mike Tobey

Mike Tobey, a skilled center from Connecticut, has the potential to blossom into an all-conference caliber player.

Mike Tobey was the first to join Virginia's 2012 signing class, and he's probably the most intriguing from a potential standpoint. It's really tough to find skilled players that approach 7 feet tall, so Virginia got in on Tobey early in the process. Tobey, who played his high school ball in Connecticut, was an ESPN Top 100 player, averaging 15.7 points and 11.1 rebounds per game as a senior.

Evaluating players Tobey's size is different than evaluating other players. The simple things become really crucial. Can the player run the court? Does he have touch around the rim? Does he hack away on defense? Is he physical or does he let smaller players outwork him in the paint? From what most that have seen Tobey play have said, he passes these qualifications. Tobey can run the floor well, and has touch with both hands around the rim. He can also stretch the defense a bit and take mid-range jumpers, although this isn't his greatest strength.

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Some of Tobey's most important work in his first year will come in the weight room. Basketball strength coach Mike Curtis will certainly try to bulk Tobey up from his current 225 lbs weight. In order to survive in the ACC, big men need to be able to bang on the boards and compete with strong forwards and centers around the league. Tony Bennett and his staff did a tremendous job transforming Assane Sene from a really raw player who could barely catch the ball to a very capable defensive player who contributed some of on the offensive end as well. His progress from his first year to his fourth is was truly remarkable. Mike Tobey is a much more skilled basketball player than Sene ever was. His ceiling at Virginia with this coaching staff is really high.

Mike Tobey is a skilled 7 Footer - Huge Steal for the Virginia Cavaliers (via CLHTV2)