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Virginia Cavaliers Basketball Player Profile: Thomas Rogers

Thomas Rogers, a 6'6" walk-on shooting guard who played 2 years at Fork Union Military Academy, is probably the 2nd walk-on player on the Hoos' depth chart. However, while Doug Browman is expected to get some action due to injuries and suspensions, Rogers is stuck behind a number of players and is unlikely to see the floor outside of garbage time.

This is not Thomas Rogers, to clarify.
This is not Thomas Rogers, to clarify.

While senior Doug Browman is expected to see the floor in some early season games, fellow walk-on Thomas Rogers probably will not be so lucky. Browman is a PG, and the only "true" PG on the roster following the suspension of Tevin Jones. Rogers is a 6'6" 209 pound shooting guard. A quick glance at our roster shows no less than 5 similar players ahead of him on the depth.

Barring some more injuries, or crazy foul trouble (ACC refs, anybody), Rogers will not see any non-garbage time play this season. In his career, Rogers has averaged about 2 minutes per game in 13 contests. He hasn't scored, missing all 8 of his FG attempts (all from 3 point range). He has 3 rebounds and an assist.

Rogers played 2 prep seasons at Fork Union Military Academy, and performed well there. In his 2nd season, he led the team with 15 points per game, and averaged 5 rebounds per game. As a senior at Randolph-Henry, he averaged 17 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists. Make no mistake, Rogers can play. He is tall, and is a great shooter. The 0-8 that he's put up so far is likely caused by rushing his shots due to minimal time he's on the floor. The truth is, he can flat out shoot the rock. The thing that is keeping him off the court is his lack of athleticism.

If Rogers is forced into action, chances are the team will be ok. Then again, if Rogers is forced into action, the team is probably in big, big trouble.