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Do You Believe in Moral Victories?

An interesting debate has popped up among Wahoo faithful after the three-point loss to Duke on Thursday night. The debate centers around whether or not a particular fan can be happy about a game after their team loses.

One side of the argument says that, even though the scoreboard showed that Duke won the game, Virginia fans should still be happy knowing that they went on the road, to Cameron Indoor, against the #8 team in the country and only lost by three points.

The flip side of the argument is that, as a good team, Virginia and its fans shouldn't settle for "only losing by three points" and should instead expect to win every game they play.

There's a middle-ground to the argument as well: some folks say that they're not at all content with staying close against the top teams, but they're still willing to take away some positive things from this type of a performance.

So I just thought I'd try to take the pulse of the fan base and see what you, dear reader, think about the issue. Vote in the poll below and leave comments explaining your vote.