ESPN: Mike Scott better than ever for Cavs


"His basketball career began with two gloves and a hat. As a preschooler living in northern Virginia, Mike Scott wore the clothing accessories every day to school during the winter months. One afternoon, he came home without a glove. The next day, he didn't have his hat. Soon after, his other glove was missing. His father, Michael, an officer in the Marines, wondered whether his oldest son was trading his clothing with friends or was just absent-minded. After buying several replacements, Michael called the school. That's when he learned the truth: Mike was using each item as a mini-basketball, shooting it toward a makeshift basket -- a milk crate, a trash can, an empty box -- and forgetting to retrieve it by day's end. "The ladies at the daycare told me, 'You may want to buy him a basketball goal so he'll have something to practice on,'" Michael laughs." Click through to read on.