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Introducing New Streaking the Lawn Contributor Wahoo Metrics

Please join us in welcoming the newest Streaking The Lawn contributor, Wahoo Metrics, who promises to deliver a new statistical perspective on the ups and downs of Virginia sports. If you love footnotes, you've found your new favorite writer.

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Loyal Virginia fans: I, Wahoo Metrics, a new contributor at Streaking the Lawn, will be providing a slightly different perspective on Virginia sports. My posts will offer UVA sports analysis1 through the lens of traditional and advanced statistics. Or put more simply, Wahoo fandom from the perspective of a SEAS graduate.

I first stepped on Grounds in 2004 and immediately found Saturday afternoons in the direct sun of the student section and evenings with the Hoo Crew indispensable. I rushed the field after the 2005 Florida State game, opened JPJ, and witnessed Sean Singletary's extremely low-percentage stat-defying game-winning shot against Duke.2 My four short years at the University unfortunately came to an end in 2008, when I nonetheless continued to avoid the real world at a lesser institution before finally working in patent law in the DC area. Still missing Charlottesville, I decided to combine my love of numbers, UVA sports, and discussing niche topics ad nauseum into my stat-centric posts.

Before importing my eponymous blog to the comprehensive and well-read Streaking the Lawn, I analyzed football and basketball statistics beginning with last season's nerve-wracking win at Florida State. You may have seen my work during the Stat Geek Idol competition.3 My posts will attempt to answer a range of questions about the various Virginia sports teams by going beyond visual impressions and emotional reactions.4 Who is the best Pack-Line defender on the basketball team? What do statistics have to say about the Phillip Sims / Michael Rocco debate? Which ACC player was actually the "most valuable" to his basketball team last season?5

Lastly, I accept all most forms of feedback and would be more than happy to engage in comment section or Twitter6 discussions, especially since they often lead to new post ideas. I look forward to providing a hopefully engaging and slightly different take on Virginia sports.



1 along with a fair number of footnotes

2 and the subsequent extremely high percentage three pointer that Greg Paulus missed and everyone chooses to forget

3 yes, that's the real name, and no, I don't actually expect any of you to have heard of it

4 which, as someone who remains a staunch Philadelphia sports fan, I'm well familiar with

5 surprise! it was Mike Scott.

6 where you'll also get bonus stats and bonus angst-filled in-game tweeting