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Twitter Reacts to Duke's 42-17 Blowout of Virginia Football

Virginia's fourth loss in five years to Duke did not settle particularly well in Cavalier fans' stomachs. Twitter recounts the pain and agony that the Hoos experienced on Saturday.

Geoff Burke - Getty Images

There is nothing fun about losing. There is certainly nothing fun about losing to Duke. And it's downright blood-boiling to lose to Duke four times in five years.

There is no silver lining in yesterday's loss, but following the Twittersphere at least provided for some memorable occasions. The following are just some of the highlights lowlights from following the #UVA hash tag on Saturday.

When even the AP writer criticizes the officiating (and commentating) of the game, there's something to think about there.

Phillip Sims's first start as a Cavalier didn't quite produce the results fans were looking for, and the quarterback controversy appears to be far from over.

I see no scenario where Head Coach Mike London's job is in any serious jeopardy, but at least a handful of fans saw that, or something about the coaching staff, as the primary issue.

Of course, many fast forwarded to think about Virginia Tech as well.

Pretty much everyone had their own way of coping after the loss.

But that's not to say that everyone was negative after the game. There are the devout few.