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Virginia RB Coach Mike Faragalli Fired; More to Come?


Multiple sources are reporting that Virginia running backs coach Mike Faragalli has been relieved of his duties as of Monday. Faragalli had just completed his third season as an assistant coach at Virginia. Previously, he had been offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach under Mike London at Richmond.

This year, the Virginia rushing offense ran for just 128.50 yards, ranked 98th in the country. It was the worst rushing performance in Faragalli's three years in Charlottesville. In 2010, the Hoos were ranked 77th in the nation with 139.33 yards, and in 2011, they were 53rd in the nation with 162.08 yards.

So begins the start of the coaching carousel at Virginia. While Mike London's job is safe for the year, but the same can't be said for many of his assistants. I would say that the safest assistants are likely Defensive Coordinator Jim Reid, Defensive Line Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Jeff Hanson and Cornerbacks Coach/Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Chip West. Probably safe is also Tight Ends Coach Shawn Moore.

Despite this year's offensive lackluster, it would take a pretty penny to remove Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor, who is guaranteed over $900,000 over the next two seasons. But as is every year, rumors circulate that he may be interested in returning to the NFL, where he could be making double that in the same position.

Also underperforming this year were Special Teams Coordinator Anthony Poindexter and Offensive Line Coach Scott Wachenheim. Both of these assistant coaches had received the the largest salary increases last year. Poindexter has another year of $221,000 (18.8% increase in 2012 over 2011), while Wachenheim has another year of $183,000 (15.8% increase in 2012 over 2011).

Something tells me today won't be the only news that comes out regarding the firing of assistants. With the Hoos finishing 98th in the country in rushing offensive, Running Backs Coach Mike Faragalli has been relieved of his duties as of Monday. The question is -- which assistant coaches are next?