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Cast your vote: Who should lead (the Hoos at point guard on Friday)?

The spirit of democracy has rubbed off on all of us. But our nation isn't the only entity looking for a leader this is our basketball team

Todd Warshaw

It's your choice, Wahoo fans - the UVA basketball team is short point guards, and it's up to you to decide who will dribble the ball up the court against George Mason on Friday (it's actually up to Tony Bennett, but you could opine too).

The able incumbent, Jontel Evans, is injured and will miss the start of the season. Based on his tweet from yesterday, we could expect him back as early as next Monday's home opener again Fairfield, though pessimists would target Saturday the 17th against Seattle.

The challenger, and the only other scholarship point guard on the roster, Teven Jones, picked an extremely inopportune time to be suspended for a rules violation. He'll be back for the Fairfield game but missed a prime chance for some playing time.

Thankfully, Malcolm Brogdon spent some time last season running the point. Unfortunately, he is still rehabbing from foot surgery. The timetable for his return remains uncertain.

Thus, three imperfect candidates remain:

Joe Harris is the front-runner to start at the 1; he has spent time running the point in practice and has adequate ball-handling skills to do so. While this decision would be the best way to trot out the best 5 available players, how will the nation's largest backcourt do against the press, a constant Achilles's heel for the Hoos? It seems like Joe Harris could do just about everything...but could he play point guard too?

Freshman Taylor Barnette is a 6' 3" shooting guard out of Lexington. Still an unknown for UVA fans, Barnette can shoot the lights out, though his defensive prowess is uncertain and his ball-handling is middling. Assuming Coach Bennett deems him ready on the defensive end, he should see time Friday.

Fan-favorite walk-on Doug Browman is actually the only remaining true point guard left on the roster. He knows the system and Bennett will be able to trust him defensively, but his offensive game trails the other candidates.

Alright, Hoos, you decide. Vote and discuss!