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February 13th Rotunda Roundup

You may remember this daily links feature from the times before it slowly faded out of my mind. Apparently, that amnesia (or you can call it laziness) never extended to our readers. The Rotunda Roundup is back - expect it semi-daily to survey what's going in Virginia's programs and around the ACC, especially on "slower" days.

If you haven't heard about UVA's newest (and oldest) fixture in the student section, read about 67-year-old Jerry Reid. Jerry is a third-year student with an interesting story. Look for him to play "knockout" before the Maryland game next week! (actually). Sammy Zeglinski's three-point shooting drought is getting increasingly serious.

It took a BC collapse to hand Virginia Tech a 66-65 win at Cassel Colleseum. I'm torn - the Tech win helps us RPI-wise, but a sweep at the hands of the cellar-dwelling Eagles would have been fun also. Clemson, UVA's opponent tomorrow, demolished Wake Forest on the road.

Inside Lacrosse previews this year's Virginia squad, which starts the year picked first in the preseason polls.

QB Mike Rocco teamed up with Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas as part of an outreach program that hopes to keep ex-convicts from committing acts that would return them to prison.