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February 14th Rotunda Roundup

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! E-mail me for more info on where to send flowers, chocolates, and love letters.

Virginia rematches Clemson tonight at Littlejohn Colleseum. To refresh your memory, here's our recap of the first matchup, a 65-61 UVA win. TheSabre continues a great series with an informative primer of what we should expect to see tonight.

Mike Scott and Jontel Evans are battling North Carolina and #Pacism for the ACC's end-of-year awards. Is the ACC college basketball's most exciting conference? (Yes.)

Once again, expect Steele Stanwick to compete for college lacrosse's Player of the Year Award.

The softball team completed its first weekend of play, trotting out its best squad in years.

Not UVA-related, but here is a study on how often professional sporting events are "close-games," and how these have trended overtime.