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Streaking the Lawn Reader Survey

We strive for the best here at Streaking the Lawn. Some of us rush home from Virginia games to get the post-game wrap up. Others glue themselves to a computer so that we can update you live. We try to give a mix of analysis and news, and sometimes when we're feeling a bit punchy, we even throw in a little humor.

But we realize that we don't always get it right. Sometimes you want more coverage of a particular sport. Maybe you want less punchiness. Whatever it is, we won't know it unless you tell us.

That's why we're inviting you to take the Streaking the Lawn Reader Survey! Please take 6 minutes to complete the survey and let us know exactly what we're doing right and perhaps more importantly, let us know what we're doing wrong.

As an incentive, we'll give one lucky respondent a $50 promotional code off his or her next purchase over at CavalierTeamShop! All participants are subject to the official rules found here.

We hope you'll take advantage of this one-time-only event wherein we may actually listen to what you have to say! There's $50 of UVA gear on the line, so what do you have to lose? Please fill out the Streaking the Lawn Reader Survey today!