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Virginia Cavaliers National Championship Tracker

Look around. Notice anything different? Yep, just over there on the left. A little lower. A little...yep, you got it. We added a little counter so you can keep track of all of the glory that is Virginia Athletics. The Hoos have 21 national championships across seven different sports. Of those, 18 of them are NCAA titles, including boxing, men's lacrosse, men's soccer, rowing, women's lacrosse and women's cross country. There are also three other titles that come before the NCAA's national championships in the same sports, with two coming in men's lacrosse and one coming from women's indoor track & field.

Now is as good a time as any to direct readers to the Virginia Tech national championship tracker, available here. To be fair, the site only considers NCAA titles and does not take into account bass fishing.

Hope you enjoy the new counter -- we'll keep it updated as the Hoos' spring sports get underway. Hopefully we'll be able to add an NCAA tennis title sooner rather than later!