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Could Virginia land the next Jeremy Lin, right out of Hampton Roads?

The Chinese/Taiwanese-American Knicks star Jeremy Lin has been the focus quickly become the hottest thing since sliced bread. Could the next Lin be hanging out....right here in the commonwealth of Virginia? Yahoo! Sports' Prep Rally thinks so, and the recruit, 6-foot-2 point guard Chris Tang of Hampton Roads Academy (Newport News, Va.), has caught the eye of Virginia head coach Tony Bennett, as well as others.

According to Prep Rally, Tang, just a sophomore, is already receiving interest from Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Davidson, and none other than Harvard. Prep Rally notes Tang's exception court vision, ability to cut into the lane, vertical ability and agility. At 15, he's already had a 41- and 42-point performance this year.

The Chinese point guard moved to the U.S. in eighth grade and has lived with a foster family since. He's also a Boo Williams AAU product, as were current Cavaliers Jontel Evans and Mike Scott, as well as UVA legend Bryant Stith, among others.

Here's a highlight reel from Scouts Focus, or you can read the full Prep Rally article here.