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UVA vs. VT: The Best from Twitter

Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg doesn't realize the irony in begging his players, who double as Tech students, to think.
Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg doesn't realize the irony in begging his players, who double as Tech students, to think.

While following Twitter during the Hoos' 61-59 win over the Hokies last night, I came to the realization that the Wahoo faithful is a pretty funny, albeit cynical, bunch. Here are some of the best in-game tweets to get you a laugh and help you follow our psyches (sorry in advance to those who don't speak "Twitterese"):

The game didn't start off well at all, as Hokies chucked threes that kept falling:

@The_Superhoo: Luck. Sheer luck is keeping Hoakies in this game and in the lead. DFS just had a 3 bounce several times before falling in.

@VirginiaSports: UVa shot nearly 70 percent from the floor in the first half, yet trails 35-32. Here's why: Tech is 6 for 9 on 3s and 7 for 7 from line. JW

One could never have too many Karl Hess jokes:

@ddamarketing: TV announcers disagree with the official not giving UVA a timeout. Karl Hess would have ejected the TV announcers....

@SethDavisHoops: I'm having a lot of fun watching hoops. I only hope Karl Hess doesn't barge into my living room and kick me out of the house.

...or Carolina jokes either

@BeerControl: Mike Scott is the player of the year in the ACC, only the tobacco road mafia media can keep it from him.

Keep it classy, Hokies!

@WahooBasketball: Hokies throwing things on the court. Again. All class.

@The_SuperHoo: Imagine that. A #VT fan threw something on the court. That NEVER happens at VT. #UVA

UVA climbs back into the game...

@PWiley87: Fun fact for this broadcast: Every time they say "Finney-Smith," it totally sounds like "Fitty Cent"


(saga continues after the jump)

...but the team's injury and foul problems are cause for concern...

@rmj_equals_hero: I am looking forward to having a chance to bid on the toothpicks and duct tape holding together the UVa roster

@rmj_equals_hero: To recount: UVa now has a one handed joe harris, frosh Paul Jesperson, one footed malcolm brogdon.

...though nothing is as concerning as VPI's lack of a working game clock!

@TheUVAFool: How many Hokies does it take to operate a clock? Hokies....this is not exactly how one "slows down the tempo"

@GreatBlogofVA: I keep waiting for the camera to pan over and show a golden retriever running the clock.

The heart-stopping end game...

@UVAHooCrew: Timeout VT. 34.1 seconds left, Hokie ball...Hoos up 3. Good news is that UVA has been in this spot before

@PWiley87: Anytime something w VPISU comes down to a mental challenge, my money's gonna be on the good guys

@TalkinACCSports: must be quite a few UVA fans there at #VT, because there was alot noise during those Free throws

@KenPomeroy: Is there a reason Tony Bennett has to have Akil Mitchell in the game?


@hokieguru: Smh sigh

@The_Superhoo: #UVA wins! 61-59! SUCK IT HOKIES! What a horribly reffed game by the #ACC refs.

@TheUVAFool: FINAL SCORE: #UVA 61, #Hokies 59. Hoos remain undefeated this season when reaching 60 points and are 21-6, 8-5 on the season!

@ovfd55: Wait the Clock just stopped at 0 does that mean it over or did it just break again?

@ZShiffles: Hokie shotclock tom-follery fails to stymie courageous #Cavaliers in plus pounding finish! Go hoos!

Even after a win, the mortal peril to fans persists:

@TheUVAFool: I'm going to drive home now and hope that my irregular-beating heart does not cause me to crash and die.

@WahooBasketball: Holy freaking cow. Great basketball game. I might have a coronary.

@MaizeNBlueWahoo: Virginia fans: keeping liquor stores in business on Tuesday night game nights since 1981.

@MamaNikas: "this team is taking years off our lives" @KimmyH00 #wahoowa

But hey, at least the team is happy:

Assane Sene (@azousene89): Believe in my team

Jontel Evans (@bubevans1): Great win on to the next. I love my team.

Doug Browman (@dbj_zero): Man I love my team... On everything

Akil Mitchell (@ajmitchell25): #wahoowa!! Proud of my team!

Sammy Zeglinski (@SammyZeglinski): Love my team

On to the next!

@MScott4Wooden: big win tonight...but its in the past...STATEMENT game Saturday vs. UNC...

Go Hoos! Feel free to toss any of your own favorites into the comments!