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UVa Football Helmets: Nike Pro Combat Concept

UVA Nike Pro Combat Concept Helmets, by Charles Sollars
UVA Nike Pro Combat Concept Helmets, by Charles Sollars

Signing day has passed, Virginia Pro Day isn't quite yet here, and now Georgia Tech is holding up the show for the release of the 2012 ACC football schedules. Which means we're at a bit of a lull for football updates these days. Until we stumbled across these Nike Pro Combat helmet concepts that designer Charles Sollars came up with.

The one we've featured here looks to have a metallic helmet and a full graphic of Cav Man on his horse, something that the school has never done before on their helmets. In fact, with the exception of the Chick-fil-A Bowl this past New Year's Eve, the Hoos haven't used an orange helmet since 1977.

There are a number of other designs here -- slides 61 through 66 should suit your fancy. You can also click around to see what other designs he came up with for the other ACC schools. Obviously, these are mere concepts, and it doesn't go any further than that. Of all of them, I like slide 64, which is sort of a throwback to '60s and '70s, while keeping the modern edge with the sabres. That said, none of these are really speaking to me -- I'm not sure I'd want any of them for next year.