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February 24th Rotunda Roundup

Just over 24 hours from now, John Paul Jones Arena will be rocking when the Hoos take on UNC...and just a few hours later, C-Ville will be rocking in celebration. Tony Bennett seems as psyched as anyone, when he previews the matchup for fans. Despite media speculation otherwise, the team's demise hasn't taken place.

One decline that has been noted is in ACC basketball attendance.

The Lady Hoos end their home schedule tonight with their tournament hopes still in flux when Wake Forest comes to town

This weekend is a big one in recruiting for Mike London and the football team. Florida State may have filled our their slate, but it is now Georgia Tech holding up the release of the ACC schedule.

Monmouth comes to Davenport Field for a three-game series at Davenport Field this weekend - here is a little on what to expect from the Hawks, who can't be overlooked.