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February 28th Rotunda Roundup

BubbleWatch is out! UVA is still in ESPN's "should be in category," but could lock it up with another regular season win over FSU or UMD. Virginia has outscored opponents by .08 points per possession, which is more than Florida State has - the team's worse record is likely a product of a tougher schedule and some bad luck.

For "creating a program from practically nothing," Love Boat Sports congratulates Tony Bennett. Coach has declined to address the injured Assane Sene's status, other than saying that injuries are "not ideal." Thanks for that!

On paper, UVA appears to play one of the ACC's toughest football schedules. These "pre-spring" power-rankings come to you just over 6 months before the season kicks off!

Sixty-seven year old third-year Jerry Reid is making the most of his time on-Grounds. Also in today's Cav Daily, football and basketball ticket prices will increase, albeit very slightly, over the next five years.