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Lazor to the Bucs? Not So Much.

Rumors are swirling from the media outlets that Virginia Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor is a leading candidate for the same position with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL. Former Rutgers University head football coach Greg Schiano has taken over the helm of the Bucs and is looking for an offensive mind to complement his defensive prowess.

Given how well the Virginia offense has turned around in two years under Lazor, it should come as no surprise that his name is popping up for these types of job openings. Here's a few of the articles talking about it:

Bucs Nation (also of SBNation)

Daily Press

Tampa Bay Times

So where there's smoke, there's probably fire, right? Well... yes and no.

Bill Lazor iswas a candidate for the Tampa Bay job. So we should be concerned, right? I mean, he's clearly a talented offensive coach based on just two years worth of work here in Charlottesville alone.

When I started writing this article a couple of hours ago (sorry, my day job got in the way of getting it out earlier), I was going to tell people not to be too concerned. There was a lot that would have to happen before Lazor would leave for the Bucs. I really didn't think we needed to worry.

Now, it looks like I don't even have to tell you all not to be concerned. Mike London has reportedly told the Daily Progress's Jerry Ratcliffe that Bill Lazor is no longer a candidate for the job with Tampa Bay. So rest easy Cavalier fans. At least for this year.