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Updated ACC Standings following 03.01.12 games: ACC Tournament seeding remains fuzzy

Well Virginia wanted two things to happen today: the first was to beat Florida State, obviously. The second was for Virginia Tech to beat Clemson (or, more accurately, for Clemson to lose -- we do not root for Virginia Tech). Unfortunately, Rule 2b, which provides that "Any possible outcome with the potential to adversely affect Virginia shall indeed be the outcome in fact." was in full effect. Virginia fell to Florida State, while Clemson emerged victorious

Here's a look at the current standings after tonight's games:

#4 Duke 13-2 -- 26-4 UNC
#6 North Carolina 13-2 -- 26-4 @Duke
#22 Florida State 10-4 2 19-9 Clemson
#24 Virginia 8-7 5 21-8 @Maryland
NC State 8-7 5 19-11 @Virginia Tech
Clemson 8-7 5 16-13 @FSU
Miami 8-7 5 17-11 Boston College
Maryland 6-9 7 16-13 UVA
Wake Forest 4-11 9 13-16 @Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech 4-11 9 15-15 NC State
Boston College 4-11 9 9-20 @Miami
Georgia Tech 3-12 10 10-19 Wake Forest

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As discussed earlier, if Virginia wins at Maryland, it will receive the No. 4 seed with either a Clemson loss or a Miami win. If Virginia loses at Maryland, the Hoos will need NC State, Clemson, and Miami to all fall in their final regular season games.

Of course, if the Hoos lose to the Terps on Sunday, there are bigger concerns than the ACC Tournament -- which is that a loss Monday will almost certainly guarantee Virginia a trip to the NIT, barring a deep run in the ACC Tournament (which may still not seal the deal). A win at Maryland doesn't guarantee an NCAA bid, but you'd have to put Virginia in the "more likely than not" side of the bubble.

Here's the 2012 ACC Tournament bracket, if the season were to end right now.