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Box Score Basics - Virginia vs. NC State Basketball, 2012 ACC Tournament

Good morning folks -- just dropping off the latest box score basics, where I pick out five notable stats from the box score to make you sound like an educated person even if you weren't able to watch the Cavaliers drop their ACC quarterfinal game to NC State yesterday.

The lighting situation is still suspect at best - I've got a little more light going on for this episode, but all-in-all, still not production quality here. Still working on it -- it's not perfect, but we'll get there yet. Also, I made the font a little bigger for the box score numbers that I wanted to point out.

It wasn't a pretty loss -- they never are -- but it was at least a good game, one in which we saw the Cavaliers fight tooth and nail until the last second. Nonetheless, as I think I mentioned in another post, a part of me is glad that we bowed out of the ACC tournament early, given our shallow roster. This is assume that we make the NCAA Tournament -- I think we're on the bubble, but on the right side of the bubble. And the goal here, like it was when I took my Bar exam, is to work just hard enough to pass and get in, and not a second more.

ESPN seems to think we're in, and if that's the case, then I think losing to NC State and skipping the grueling exercise of playing against Carolina's deep bench and high-flying offense could be a blessing in disguise. The possibility of dropping to 10 seed would also help Virginia escape playing a No. 1 seed early in the NCAA tournament.