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Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic: Virginia-Cornell Live Blog

In game 2 of the Konica Minolta Face Off Classic, the #1 Hoos take on the #3 Cornell Big Red. Brian (@TheUVAFool) is on the field, getting some pictures and video footage, and I'm here providing game updates and commentary as the action unfolds. Click below and refresh often to see the most current updates.

Also, in case anybody is interested, the Tar Heels and Princeton faced off in game 1 earlier, and the Tar Heels held on for a 9-8 victory.

Here's Brian introducing today's matchup and how Cornell is missing a key piece of its offense, and why Virginia is coming to their rescue.

1:07 - The Carolina game just ended, so the Virginia game will begin in 35 minutes, or about 1:42.

1:12 - The Hoos are warming up on the field. They are wearing blue with orange trim, while Cornell is wearing white with red trim.

1:27 - UVA's starting line up has no surprises. Fortunado starts in goal.

1:41 - OK Gametime. The teams are huddling up, the field is being readied, and the officials are all set.

1:43 - Cornell wins the first faceoff, and gets into the offensive zone.

1:45 - A big save by Rob, and a crease violation from Cornell nullifies the ball trickling into the net. Hoos ball!

1:47 - LaPierre with a strike and he brings the ball into the offensive zone. The Hoos haven't really had a chance to set up on offense yet, let's see what they can get going.

1:49 - Another Cornell turnover, this time unforced, gives the ball back to the Hoos. Let's get a goal here.

1:52 - Both teams are kind of sloppy, and the goalies have made a couple of saves each. Still 0-0.

1:53 - The Hoos get on the board first, with a goal by Mark Cockerton, from Steele Stanwick, not quite 10 minutes into the game.

1:58 - Cornell has had possession for a while, but hasn't gotten off a good shot. A couple of deep ones, but nothing on net. The Hoos defense is playing very well.

2:00 - Cornell calls timeout with 18 seconds remaining, looking to get something going on offense. So far, the Hoos defense has been fantastic.

2:03 - Another good save from Fortunado, and the first quarter ends with the Hoos up 1-0.

2:04 - In case anybody is wondering, Duke lost 13-8 today to Loyola.

2:07 - Cornell wins the 2nd quarter opening faceoff, giving them possession. That's 2-1 in faceoffs so far to Cornell.

2:08 - More good defense leads to a transition goal from Long-Poled Scott McWilliams. Unassisted. Great play all around there.

2:10 - The Hoos won the ground balls in the first quarter, 6-5. Mostly everything else was even, the Hoos had 5 shots to Cornell's 9. But most of Cornell's were deep shots.

2:11 - The teams are still playing sloppy, with a few unforced turnovers on both sides.

2:12 - Fortunado with another good save, but the Hoos turn it over in transition.

2:13 - Cornell goal by Roy Lang, makes the game 2-1. Lang got open and buried it from about 15 yards.

2:14 - Another faceoff win for Cornell. The Hoos are getting dominated in terms of possession thus far. We're playing strong defense, but the offense has barely had the ball. Too many turnovers.

2:16 - Penalty on the Hoos for holding, committed by Harry Prevas. Cornell with a 30 second man advantage.

2:17 - Cornell takes advantage of the penalty and scores with the man advantage, tying the game at 2-2. Goal by Steve Mock, Cornell's team leading 11th.

2:18 - Another faceoff win for the Big Red, leads to a third consecutive goal. This time, JJ Gilbane with the goal, and Cornell leads 3-2. The Hoos have barely touched the ball in the 2nd quarter.

2:19 - The Hoos get another quick goal, with Chris Bocklet getting the goal, and Stanwick getting his 2nd assist of the game. Game tied 3-3.

2:22 - Mark Cockerton picks up his 2nd goal of the game. A strong, low shot beats the Cornell keeper. Colin Briggs with the assist.

2:24 - The Hoos finally got their offense going, scoring 2 quick goals. This helps the defense get some rest, and also gives the Hoos the lead back. Hopefully, this is a product of the jitters wearing off.

2:26 - After a ground ball, Cornell gets an open shot, and hits the crossbar. Scott McWilliams gets called for slashing on the play, and Cornell with have another man advantage for a full minute. The Hoos call timeout, with 2:34 remaining in the half.

2:30 - Cornell's Steve Mock picks up a loose ball and fires a shot home, tying the game at 4. The Hoos played good D and blocked the initial shot, but Mock was quick to the bouncing ball.

2:32 - Hoos can't get anything going on offense, and Cornell takes over with just under a minute remaining. Cornell calls timeout with 40 seconds remaining in the half, and the game still tied 4-4.

2:33 - Can the Hoos hang on for 40 seconds and keep the game tied at halftime? Can the force a turnover and get a quick goal before the half ends?

2:35 - And the half ends with the score 4-4. The Hoos have been deadly on offense, but haven't been able to get possession enough. The defense has been good, but a couple of breakdowns and penalties led to the Cornell goals. Hoos are going to need to clean it up for the 2nd half.

2:41 - Some halftime stats for you. Cornell is 6-4 in faceoffs and leads 15-12 in ground balls. Those two stats are a big part of the overall story, as Cornell is dominating possession. Cornell has 23 shots to 13 for the Hoos. Fortunado has 5 saves.

2:50 - The second half begins with UVA winning a faceoff and then promptly turning the ball over. Cornell will get the first possession of the half.

2:51 - The Hoos get the ball back following a deflected shot. The Hoos begin to set up their offense.

2:52 - Stanwick gets inside, but is unable to put the ball away, and then he is fouled, giving the Hoos the ball back.

2:53 - Rob Emery cashes in here with an unassisted goal into the top corner of the net.

2:54 - I have no idea why Virginia just got the ball back after a Cornell clear, but I'll take it.

2:57 - Cornell calls timeout with 9:05 remaining in the 3rd quarter, and the Hoos leading 5-4. The Hoos have dominated possession here in the 3rd, so I guess whatever Dom told them at halftime is working.

3:00 - Cornell called for a slashing penalty, called on Mike Bronzino. The Hoos with a 1 minute man advantage.

3:01 - The Hoos fail to capitalize on the penalty, getting a couple of deep shots. But, the get the ball back following another Cornell turnover.

3:04 - Emery with his second straight goal, again unassisted. Hoos lead 6-4. That's 2 goals today for Emery, giving him 12 on the season.

3:07 - The teams trade possessions without anybody really getting much of a scoring opportunity. Both goalies made good plays.

3:10 - Colin Briggs gets in on the action with a pretty unassisted goal. The Hoos take a 7-4 lead.

3:12 - The 3rd quarter ends with Cornell unable to even get a shot off, and the Hoos enter the final period with a 3 goal advantage.

3:16 - Cornell begins final period with the ball.

3:17 - Some third quarter stats. The Hoos won 3 out of the 4 faceoffs in the period, and outshot Cornell 13-5. That helps explain the 3 unanswered goals in the period.

3:18 - Cornell gets one back, cutting the Hoos lead to 7-5. Chris Langton with the unassisted goal.

3:20 - Virginia turns it over for doing something that you apparently aren't allowed to do. I'm not sure what. But they get it back after sloppy play from Cornell.

3:22 - Cornell keeper Andrew West with another save, and Cornell is back on the ball as we pass the 10 minute mark remaining in the game.

3:23 - Fortunado gets a save right back, and the Hoos are back in possession.

3:24 - The teams continue to trade possessions without anybody getting a good scoring chance. The defenses and goalkeepers in this game have been tremendous, but both teams have been sloppy.

3:26 - Virginia gets the ball back on another Cornell turnover. Steele Stanwick gets a goal as he gets shoved in the back. The penalty is wiped off with the goal. Steele's 8th goal of the season. Colin Briggs with the assist. Hoos lead 8-5.

3:28 - Connor English gets it right back for Cornell, with a goal just seconds after the Hoos goal. 8-6 Hoos.

3:29 - And Connor gets another one, again just seconds later. The score is now 8-7 and Cornell is hot right now. Hoos need to gain possession.

3:31 - Hoos manage to gain possession, and call timeout with 4:30 remaining in the game, and clinging to a one goal lead.

3:34 - Hoos remain in possession, after a couple of shots out of bounds. Clock is down to 3:30 remaining.

3:35 - Unable to get a goal as Andrew West makes another save. Cornell with the ball, down a goal, with 2:30 remaining.

3:36 - Virginia defense coming up big here. Cornell calls timeout with 1:15 remaining in the game. That is Cornell's final timeout. The Hoos have one remaining.

3:39 - Fortunado with a good save on the Cornell shot, but Cornell is able to slam home the rebound and tie it up with 28 seconds remaining.

3:41 - The Hoos win the faceoff and call timeout with just 19 seconds remaining. Let's see what the Hoos can come up with here in the closing seconds.

3:43 - Virginia now with possession and 9 seconds remaining.

3:44 - Overtime

3:45 - Some good news, as the Hoos take down the Hokies 4-3. Tomorrow will be the series rubber match.

3:47 - The Hoos win the opening faceoff, but are unable to get the ball into the box. Bad turnover there. Sloppy play.

3:48 - Cornell timeout with 3:11 remaining in the OT period.

3:49 - Turnover Cornell. Virginia ball, timeout called with 2:19 remaining. Let's go Hoos!

3:53 - After missing a good opportunity high, Briggs gets a second chance and slams one home from Steele, for the game winner. Briggs' second goal of the game, Steele's third assist.