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Halftime Pictures from the Inside Lacrosse Face-Off Classic

Just jumping in here after the first half to get some pictures up from the Face-Off Classic, where No. 3 Cornell has dominated the time of possession and just seems more well put together than Virginia. The game is tied up at four a piece at the half. Cornell leads the stats across the board, including shots (23-13), ground balls (15-12), face-offs (6-4), clears (12-9) and extra man opportunities (2-0). The Big Red converted on both EMOs.

Sometimes when senior midfielder Colin Briggs gets bored, he likes to just take a moment and relax on the field. Briggs has one assist at the half.

Sophomore Mark Cockerton has two goals at the half .

Keeper Rob Fortunato has five saves at the half, giving up four goals to the Big Red.

This guy's just here to have some fun.

Virginia defender Scott McWilliams goes coast to coast to score for Virginia.

Pat Harbeson doing whatever it is that Harbeson does.