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Streaking the Lawn 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Robert Redd Logo
Robert Redd Logo

Come one, come all. Join the Wahoo community and enter this fun bracket to test your knowledge against your humble Streaking the Lawn staff! This pool is completely free to enter, and you have the opportunity to win a $150 gift certificate from Robert Redd! Many of you already know of Robert Redd because they are strong supporters of the Wahoo and Streaking the Lawn communities. What you might not know is that they have a stunning Slate Blue and Autumn Glory color, tagged "Orange and Blue - tried and true!"

I don't think I need to go into much detail on how this works. You go here. You create a bracket. You pick Virginia to win it all. And then you pick the other teams to do stuff. You score points based on how creative your team name is (that's a lie -- you actually get zero points for creativity) and on your correct picks. Actually, you're better off reading the official rules.

All participants are subject to these Official Rules (No entry fee required, nor would it increase your chances of winning). Only one entry per person.

  1. Read the Official Rules.
  2. Sign up for the "Streaking the Lawn" group on ESPN. The password is "rotunda".
  3. Make your selections.
  4. Post your entry's team name in the comments below! IMPORTANT!
  5. Win $150.00 from Robert Redd!

That's it! Don't forget to post a comment below with your team entry, or else we won't be able to track you down! Easy as pie. So make your picks, good luck, and as always, Go HOOS!