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Final Reminder to Join the STL Bracket Challenge!

Robert Redd Logo
Robert Redd Logo

Here's a friendly reminder that today is the last full day for you to fill out your bracket in the Streaking the Lawn contest for a chance to win $150 from the fine folks at Robert Redd! It's absolutely free to enter and open to UVA and non-UVA fans alike! Duke fans need not apply. Brackets officially lock tomorrow at noon.

For details on how to enter, visit the original announcement. Don't forget to post a comment on that page with your team name on it, or otherwise we'll have no way of notifying you if you're the winner.

Even if you don't win, I encourage you to go check out Robert Redd's website. It's the ideal cut for true southern gentlemen, whether you're out for a day of leisure or a night on the town. They support Streaking the Lawn year-round (the website; it is unclear their position on the activity), so let's show them some love.