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Virginia vs. Florida Basketball: March Madness Game Thread

Virginia head coach Tony Bennett fields questions from the NCAA media. This is just the fourth time in the past 16 years that the Cavaliers have made the big dance.
Virginia head coach Tony Bennett fields questions from the NCAA media. This is just the fourth time in the past 16 years that the Cavaliers have made the big dance.

Game day, everyone! Here's your game thread for all of second-day, Round 1 action of the 2012 NCAA Tournament. We've listed all the game times and channels below, and all you need to do is click the channel to stream the game live and for free.

Game Site Date/Time TV
#6 Cincinnati vs. #11 Texas Nashville, TN 12:15 pm CBS
#6 San Diego St. vs. #11 N.C. State Columbus, Ohio 12:40 pm truTV
#8 Creighton vs. #9 Alabama Greensboro, NC 1:40 pm TBS
#7 Florida vs. #10 VIRGINIA Omaha, NE 2:10 pm TNT
#3 Florida St. vs. #14 St. Bonaventure Nashville, TN 2:45 pm CBS
#3 Georgetown vs. #14 Belmont Columbus, Ohio 3:10 pm truTV
#1 North Carolina vs. #16 Vermont Greensboro, NC 4:10 pm TBS
#2 Missouri vs. #15 Norfolk St. Omaha, NE 4:40 pm TNT
#8 Memphis vs. #9 St. Louis Columbus, Ohio 6:50 pm TBS
#2 Duke vs. #15 Lehigh Greensboro, NC 7:15 pm CBS
#4 Michigan vs. #13 Ohio Nashville, TN 7:20 pm TNT
vs. #7 St. Mary's vs. #10 Purdue Omaha, NE 7:27 pm truTV
#1 Michigan St. vs. #16 Long Island Columbus, Ohio 9:20 pm TBS
#7 Notre Dame vs. #10 Xavier Greensboro, NC 9:45 pm CBS
#5 Temple vs. #12 South Florida Nashville, TN 9:50 pm TNT
#2 Kansas vs. #15 Detroit Omaha, NE 9:57 pm truTV

Of course, the game to watch is at 2:10 p.m. this afternoon on TNT. The Cavaliers come into this game as 3.5 point underdogs, but at least they are undefeated against the Gators, with the only meeting between the two teams coming in the 1992 NIT, a 62-56 victory for the Hoos, en route to winning the NIT Championship.

Florida is a team that presses. A lot. Virginia...struggles with the press. Kind of a lot. Not as many teams have used it against us this year as I would have expected, though you did see Maryland bring it out for the last game of the regular season. While Virginia struggled mightily against that at the beginning, eventually the Hoos found a way to break the press without too much troubles.

"We worked on that all this, past week, working on the pressure," Mike Scott said. "They press a lot. They will run and jump into half-court, so we worked on that in practice, and we will prepare for it."

"Every day, we work on ball sureness and taking care of the ball and run against the press," Sammy Zeglinski added. "We go against 6, 7 defenders to help us get ready."

Scott was asked to describe Zeglinski with Sammy right next to him.

"You are torturing me to have to describe him. Right here? You know, Sammy is just like me. We went through injuries, up and downs, coach changes and just to see him persevere through the adversity is amazing.
I'm sure he will probably say the same thing about me, hopefully. Me and Sammy -- this guy, he committed to UVA as a sixth grader. He's a die-hard UVA fan and I cherish our moments together. But we're not trying to let this end right now, we're going to try to keep this thing going."

Leave your pre-, in- and post-game thoughts here, and we'll go ahead and use this as the open thread all day long.

"Celebrating is over. It happened, names were called and now it's gone. Now we're here to work and win games." --Mike Scott