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March 26th Rotunda Roundup

Reports emerged last night that SMU was interested in pursuing VT head coach Seth Greenberg. Since, denials have appeared on Twitter, though the rumor isn't dead just yet. I hope he stays on board at Tech - if he leaves, what do I do with all my "Greenberg Bingo" boards?

Pat Forde describes how Roy Williams got outcoached in UNC's loss to Kansas. (Hint: As head coach, it helps to note what type of defense your opponent is employing).

After Coach Bennett mentioned a possible offseason "acquisition," fans continue to speculate on whom he could be looking at.

If you haven't read this "Ode to Mike Scott," which appeared in the Cav Daily last week, it's about time you do.

Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor is excited about the Hoos' incoming talent on offense.

The women's basketball team's loss at JMU ended their promising WNIT run. Former coach Debbie Ryan still has big things in her sights.