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Virginia's Assane Sene will not return this season

"Why can't we have nice things?" This is a question that Virginia fans ask themselves approximately 18.3 times per season, per sport. The question rears its head once again as head coach Tony Bennett announced today that Assane Sene will not return for the rest of the season. This doesn't come as that great a surprise, but it's his reasoning that makes this intriguing.

"Assane remains a member of our team, but even if he is physically able he will not play in games again this season because of a violation of team rules," Bennett said today in an issued release. "As I have said previously, we have expectations for the players in our program."

"Assane has made many significant contributions to our team and I appreciate those contributions. He will remain a part of our team as long as he meets the expectations we've established from this point on."

Bennett did not elaborate in the release as to the details of the violation.

Sene is one of a handful of players who had shown tremendous improvement throughout his career at Virginia. Before he injured his right ankle during the blowout over Georgia Tech in January, the 7-foot senior averaged 4.9 points, 3.7 rebounds and 0.9 blocks per game. While he wasn't particularly a role player on offense, his defense and, quite simply, size, has been sorely missed by the Hoos. Sene had started in each of the first 17 games this season prior to the injury.

Without Sene, Virginia's next tallest players are 6'8" (Mike Scott, Akil Mitchell and Darion Atkins).

No word has been released on whether Malcolm Brogdon, who injured his left foot during practice the week of the first Maryland game, is returning.