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Injury Update on Joe Harris and Malcolm Brogdon

We got the bad news out of the way earlier today when Tony Bennett announced that Assane Sene would miss the rest of the season due to an undisclosed violation of team rules. Later, Bennett also addressed the Joe Harris and Malcolm Brogdon injuries at a media conference at JPJA. The news is...mixed.

"Joe is getting better with his broken hand," Bennett said. "He's getting a little more mobile with it. I think it's feeling better. I don't think it's 100% yet, but hopefully as time goes on, he'll feel better and better."

Harris, if you don't recall, fractured a bone in his left, non-shooting hand back in early February, but has not missed a game for it. It was rocky for the first couple games, but as the weeks progressed, his ability to move with the ball and remain effective down under has greatly improved, as evidenced by left-handed blocked shots and a left-handed layup on Sunday at Maryland. His shooting is nowhere near where it was a month ago, but it's at least comforting to know that his health is only improving as the postseason begins.

Freshman guard Malcolm Brogdon is still in a boot after injuring it during practice the week of the first Maryland game. He has missed two games as a result, and did not travel to Maryland this past weekend.

"Give me a day or two and I'll know a little more about [Brogdon's] situation," Bennett said today. "We're not planning to have him [in Atlanta], but if something changes, I'll certainly let you know."

When one reporter asked Bennett to confirm that he does not think that Brogdon will play in the ACC Tournament, and if he does, that's a bonus, Coach simply replied, "Correct."

"We've got our seven guys that I've played, and that's how we finish the year."