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March 6th Rotunda Roundup

Mike Scott was named first-team All-ACC yesterday; however, 2 sportswriters left him off of their ballots. Tim wrote a great piece here yesterday disputing their decision, and CavsCorner agrees that the situation is #tragical. The ACC Player of the Year vote will be interesting - I expect the Carolina media will ensure that Zeller ends up winning, but even UNC fans admit it is a close call.

UVA will take on the winner of the NC State - Boston College game on Friday at 2 PM. In the teams' first matchup, the Hoos beat the Wolfpack in a game that came down to the final possession. Sports Illustrated is still not quite ready to move the team into the "lock" category.

Florida State's Bernard James sent a heartfelt apology letter to Tony Bennett after he inexplicably kicked a defenseless Joe Harris, resulting in the Air Force veteran's ejection. Though the action was despicable, I have to give James credit - a classy move from a classy individual.

Danny Hultzen, now in the Seattle Mariners organization, reflects on his time at the University.

Quarterbacks Ross Metheny and Michael Strauss have both announced their intentions to transfer, decisions that were not unexpected considering the depth at the position. How will this influence David Watford's future?