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To the YouTubes! Box Score Basics - Maryland

We're taking this show to the YouTubes, ladies and gentlemen! As if you don't get enough of us here, on Facebook, and over Twitter, we're happy to announce the launch of Streaking the Lawn's very own YouTube channel, where not only will we cover the Virginia Cavaliers, we're going to do it while staring you down!

Here's what happened. Tim and I have been given these fancy-looking cameras from our overlords at SB Nation. We were then told to let loose and conquer the world. When that was unsuccessful, they came back and told us that now we're only allowed to use the cameras for Wahoo coverage, and that we have to lead the world-conquering to somebody else. Fine.

We're hoping that a few times a week, Tim and I will be able to turn out some high-quality stuff to spice things up a little from just our traditional rants and ramblings on the site. To debut, I took it to the box score from Sunday's overtime win against Maryland to point out five fun facts that I think were worth noting.

Here's the video below, but you have to remember a couple things. First, this was my first go at this. Please forgive the length -- in the future, I'm going to keep it somewhere between the 2-minute and 2:30 mark. Consider this bonus footage for you, because I care. Second, good grief why am I so close to the camera? And why am I covering half the screen?? These are both good questions, and it's because I still had "conquering the world" in the back of my mind. Third, please excuse the poor lighting. We're working on bettering our studio and production. Lastly, I live for likes and subscriptions, so please press any +1, thumbs up, "Subscribe" or any other fun sharing buttons you can find. I mean all of them.

Without further ado, I give you, me!