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April 12th Rotunda Roundup

Justin Ferber reported here yesterday that WR Andre Levrone had become the 3rd member of Mike London's 2013 class. The story over at The Sabre includes some video of his high school exploits. If you follow Andre on Twitter, you'll see just how pumped he is to be a Hoo.

The lacrosse team is prepping for tomorrow night's showdown against Duke, and Whitey has some video from Dom and his team to get you ready. Steele Stanwick still has the inside the track to the Player of the Year award.

Philippe Oudshoorn is a leader on Virginia's men's tennis team, which remains undefeated in the ACC, as per usual.

A look at at the 2012 ACC quarterbacks reveals a relatively unremarkable group; I think Michael Rocco is probably a spot or two too low in these rankings.

In case you missed it, there was a UVA shoutout on the Colbert Report the other night. When UVA was mentioned as a school that "does it the right way," Stephen Colbert, whose wife is a 1985 grad, gave us a "Wahoowa!"