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NCAA Lacrosse Rankings - Virginia Falls To 4/6

After getting absolutely pummeled by Duke on Friday night, this week's NCAA lacrosse polls aren't a pretty sight for Virginia fans who have gotten comfortable on the king's throne. Still, we're reminded that it's not where you are in the polls that matter, it's where you finish. Last year was the perfect example of a team who repeatedly faltered in the regular season, but who got it together in time for the NCAA tournament and brought home the hardware. Here are this week's Top Nine teams according to the coaches and media polls. After No. 9, it gets a little dicier as to who makes the Top Ten.

Loyola 1 1 1
Massachusetts 1 2 1.5
Cornell 3 3 3
Notre Dame 5 4 4.5
Duke 7 5 6
Johns Hopkins 6 7 6.5
Maryland 8 8 8
North Carolina 9 9 9

Virginia earned a No. 2 seed in the ACC Championships this upcoming week, and will face North Carolina in Charlottesville. Tickets to the entire tournament are just a cool 20 bucks.