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Congrats to STL March Madness Contest Winner

Robert Redd Logo
Robert Redd Logo

Congratulations to Josh Moran, who came in first overall in this year's Bracket Challenge. Josh scored 1580 of the possible 1920 points, clearing the next closest competitor by 120 points. Take a look at his bracket if you get a chance, it truly is a work of art. In fact, it looks a lot like mine, if you replace all the green boxes with red, and vice versa. He also had a perfect region (the Syracuse region).

Josh is the winner of the $150 grand prize gift card, courtesy of Robert Redd, the world's first Literary Product Company. Please visit the company website to immerse yourself in the The Legend of Robert ReddTM and be entertained by our stories, art, and products.

Streaking the Lawn is home to the most entertaining coverage of the Virginia Cavaliers, but where else are you going to be able to win some cash monies just for playing along? We'll be back with more contests, so stick around.