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What would Phillip Sims's transfer to Virginia mean?

Could Alabama QB Phillip Sims soon be saying WAHOOWA to UVA?
Could Alabama QB Phillip Sims soon be saying WAHOOWA to UVA?

Earlier this evening we reported that Phillip Sims had made the decision to transfer to UVA. It looks like we may have jumped the gun a bit there, because while we were basing it off the information we got from one Phillip Sims facebook page, it looks like there's another under his name that has been quiet on the matter. At all times, we'd rather present to you the most accurate information possible than let our excitement get ahead of us. So with this in mind, we've pulled the original story and apologize for that.

While Virginia is still believed to be the front-runner for the former Alabama quarterback and Oscar Smith product, there are still a lot of questions as to what it means if, or when, he chooses UVA.

This time last year, Virginia found themselves with precisely zero quarterbacks with any collegiate starting experience. Suddenly, the Hoos find themselves with perhaps an overabundance:

  • Michael Rocco, who fought for and rightfully won the starting position over Ross Metheny
  • David Watford, who ended up seeing playing time last year as a role QB rather than the total package
  • Greyson Lambert, the stud that enrolled early after choosing Virginia over offers from Alabama and Georgia, and who will likely take a redshirt next year.

It's still yet unknown whether Sims will need to sit out a year or not. He played his redshirt freshman this past year at Alabama, and under traditional transfer rules, he'd have to sit out the 2012 year and wait until 2013 to play, as a junior. But he's applying to the NCAA for a hardship waiver, which may be granted for players moving closer to home for family issues. In an earlier interview, Sims stated:

"The reason for me leaving is nothing more than a personal matter. I just need to be closer to home to support my family at this time and that needs to be my priority right now," Sims added. "I would still like to continue my football career, and hopefully I can do that and also be there for my family."

If the hardship waiver is granted, Sims would immediately be challenging Rocco for the starting job.

He participated throughout spring practice with the National Champion Crimson Tide, as the No. 2 quarterback. It wasn't until after the Alabama spring game that Sims announced he'd be transferring. Sims, though playing with a sore shoulder then, completed 9-12 passes for 135 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions that day.

We'll keep our eyes posted to both -- all? -- the facebook accounts we can until we figure out just where this guy is headed.