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Former Alabama QB Phillip Sims is Transferring to Virginia

We may have been a little quick to pull the trigger last night, but that sorted itself out relatively quickly, as ESPN's Joe Schad is now reporting that former Alabama quarterback Phillip Sims has told Virginia coaches that he has decided on Virginia.

If true, this would would mean the end of a long saga that began in January, when rumors first surfaced that Sims would be transferring out of the national championship school. These rumors were subsequently quashed by both his father and Sims, who continued to practice with the team through spring training, and played in the spring game. It wasn't until last week that it became official that he would be making a transfer, and that Virginia had been given permission to speak to him.

If true, this would also mean the beginning of an entirely different saga involving an overabundance of quarterbacks, which we discussed late last night / early this morning.

If not true, well, this wouldn't be the first time this site has reported that Phillip Sims is transferring to UVa.

We'll be taking a closer look at the Bama Wahoo QB in the days to come.