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C'ville Bar Madness: Last Weekend for Round One Voting

2012 C'ville Bar Madness
2012 C'ville Bar Madness

Less than three more days to get your votes in for Round One of C'ville Bar Madness! Voting will close Sunday at approximately 5:00 p.m. We'll tally up the results (which involves the highly complicated process of clicking the "Result" button below), and have the Sweet Sixteen up on Monday. Additionally, we're going to spice things up a bit and make next week a double-voting week! The Sweet Sixteen voting will be from Monday morning until Wednesday evening, and the Elite Eight will kick off Thursday morning until Sunday evening, after which we'll return to the regular week-long voting. This way, we'll be able to crown the King of the 'Ville before Foxfield(s), and you'll know exactly where to go for your post-party festivities.

We love the enthusiasm that we've seen from some of the featured bars below, and have enjoyed the discourse here and on Twitter, so keep it up! Go ahead and vote, and spread the word! There are some pretty intense matchups, notably a back-and-forth battle between Coupe's and Rapture, and even a 5-12 upset in the works!

Vote Today!

Again, here are the printable C'ville Bar Madness brackets for you (PDF).