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C'ville Bar Madness: Sweet Sixteen Round Voting Now Open

2012 C'ville Bar Madness
2012 C'ville Bar Madness

The first round of C'ville March Madness is in the books. What started as 32 bars last week is now down to 16. For the most part, things went chalk with just two exceptions: No. 9 seed Baja Bean advanced over No. 8 seed X Lounge, and, in what can only be described as a shocking upset, No. 3 The Backyard fell to No. 14 Fellini's #9. Now, we're not saying that foul play was necessarily involved here, but it's at the very least suspicious that 1,158 people voted in that particular race when most others received between 750-800 votes. All we're saying is that we're keeping a close eye.

Voting in the Sweet Sixteen Round will close at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11.

Note the shortened week. We'll have Elite Eight kick off on Thursday and close it off on Sunday night again.

Here is your updated printable bracket featuring the Sweet 16 teams (PDF).


Without further ado, here are your eight second-round matchups. May the best bar win! Note that voting is restricted to just one time per computer, and since it uses flash, it may not work on the iPhone.

Follow the jump to get to the voting!


No. 1 Virginian vs. No. 9 Baja Bean

The Virginian certainly had no troubles taking down Tokyo Rose last week, 670-97, while Baja Bean led a successful on-site campaign to be one of just two bars last week to upset a higher seed, in this case The X Lounge, 491-231.

No. 2 South Street Brewery vs. No. 7 St. Maarten Cafe

Last week's most dominating performance, South Street dispatched Chili's, 678-77. They are challenged this week by the revived and reinvigorated Maarten's, who defeated Zocalo last week, 518-229.

No. 14 Fellini's #9 vs. No. 6 Miller's Downtown

Fellini's somehow pulled off last week's big upset by an astounding 601-557 victory. Will they be able to keep the dream alive against Miller's, who beat out C&O last week, 450-256?

No. 4 McGrady's vs. No. 5 Michaels Bistro

McGrady's seemed to have no problems last week defeating Sushi Love, 559-174, while Michael's had a harder time pulling out the win over Three, 423-333.


No. 1 Biltmore vs. No. 8 Coupe Deville's

Corner staple The Biltmore flexed some muscle last week over Durty Nelly's, 628-172. This week they face Coupe's, who, despite being closed for the last few months, still managed to pull off the win over Rapture in a battle that went back and forth all week long.

No. 2 Boylan Heights vs. No. 7 Wild Wing Cafe

Both of these bars have proven to hold their own on game day. One's known for their burgers while the other for their wings. Boylan Heights defeated newcomer Pigeon Hole last week, 587-176, while Wild Wings had a 428-311 victory of their own over Blue Light Grill.

No. 3 Mellow Mushroom vs. No. 6 West main

Mellow Mushroom beat out The Box last week 612-153, while West Main took care of business over BW3s, 493-270. This should be a pretty tight matchup this week, we think.

No. 4 Trinity vs. No. 5 Bang

Didn't look like Trinity had too much troubles last week, defeating Ten 497-236, but Bang, who trailed Skybar all week, led a last-minute rally to pull ahead on the final day, with a final score of 442-415. Will they be able to do it again?