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Virginia's Chris LaPierre is a real man: video of his heroics against Princeton

In yesterday's recap of Virginia's 6-5 win over Princeton in the first round of the 2012 NCAA Lacrosse Championships, we described Chris LaPierre as having "deflected" what could have been a game-tying shot in the final seconds of regulation. That was completely unfair and not even close to capturing what really went on in Charlottesville.

Luckily, YouTube has come to the rescue, as wahoowa9 uploaded this quick video to show just how "gutsy" of a move LaPierre made to save the game. Pun entirely intended.

Virginia would go on to recover the ball for the final six seconds of the game and hold on for the win. Sure, Chris Bocklet and Steele Stanwick and Matt Lovejoy played huge roles in yesterday's tournament victory. But no single play stands out as clearly as Chris LaPierre's does. If that play doesn't stand out, I challenge you to stand five feet in front of a D-I lacrosse player and have him send a 2.5" dense rubber ball at you at 80+ mph (conservative estimate).

Yeah, doesn't sound like fun, does it?