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An Open Letter from Virginia Men's Tennis Head Coach Brian Boland

After ending yet another postseason run for the title at the hands of USC, it can't be easy for Virginia Men's Tennis Head Coach Brian Boland, who has focused just about all of his energy on getting that spring hardware home to Charlottesville. Frustrating as it may be for Virginia fans to watch the Hoos come up just a little bit short once more, I think Wahoo Nation continues to stand proud alongside its tennis players. It will make the title "2013 National Champions" that much more sweeter, when Virginia can finally hang that banner in the rafters.

As we wrap up this season, Coach Boland addressed Wahoo Nation in an email this afternoon:

Dear Wahoo Tennis Fans:

I cannot put into words how grateful I am and how much it has meant to our entire program to receive the incredible support from all of you throughout this 2012 season. Your emails, texts, phone calls, cheers, hugs and along with the investment of time that you put into the process of consistently supporting our program is more than I could ever expected from the Charlottesville tennis community, alumni, friends and fellow Hoos when I took this job eleven years ago. Becky, myself and our team are completely overwhelmed with the love, friendship and loyalty that all of you dedicate to us throughout each year and it is a major reason why I plan to be UVA's Head Men's Tennis Coach for as long as the best university on earth will keep me and my family in Charlottesville. Becky and I could not be happier with our decision to continue to build a program and a tradition that we can all be proud of. Needless to say, we still have a lot of unfinished business.

I will also point out that I am more proud of this team than any team that I have ever coached in my career as a head men's tennis coach. The amount of sacrifice, time and effort that these players put into this process is far and away above any team I have ever coached. Having said that, our men's tennis program will continue to push the bar of excellence higher and higher for our players and our staff and I am extremely optimistic that one day we will experience what it is like to be national champions.

Again, none of our success would be possible without the personal investment that each and every single one of you have dedicated to the program and I hope that UVA Men's Tennis continues to bring the enjoyment that I hoped it would bring to the lives of the UVA tennis community back when we all started this journey in 2001. Thank you again for being there for our players this week in Athens and I promise all of you that one day we will go all the way. I believe this from the most inner core of my being and I cannot wait to share that moment with each and every one of you when the time comes. This program will only keep getting better and we will continue to do things the right way on and off the court as the Virginia faithful would expect nothing less.

Once again, thank you for your loyalty and support along the way and please continue to follow our current Cavaliers as they compete in the individual tournament starting today.



Brian Boland
Men's Tennis Coach
University of Virginia

Wahoowa, Coach. Thanks to you and our amazing men's tennis team for everything you all do.