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New Rowing National Championship Banner in the Virginia Rafters

Rowing_medium With this past weekend's NCAA Rowing National Championship, the University now has 22 national championships to its name, and its second rowing championship in just three years. Which means it's time for my absolute favorite type of update to Streaking The Lawn -- updating the Virginia Rafters

The Virginia Rafters are now flying the newest national championship banner -- check out the great success Cavalier programs have enjoyed!

By the way, the University likely touts that it has 20 national championships. Why the discrepancy? Don't worry, we didn't just make up a few titles to make ourselves feel better. The school only counts NCAA championships in its official count. We've taken any sport that currently has an NCAA championship on the line, and we've counted all of our national championships in that sport.

The difference falls to men's lacrosse. Men's lacrosse was recognized by the NCAA and the championships created in 1971. Since then, Virginia has won five NCAA national titles. However, prior to the NCAA taking over the sport, UVA won the national championship in 1952 and 1970. So under our count, Virginia men's lacrosse has seven national championships. That explains the discrepancy.

If, for example, the NCAA took over men's indoor tennis, we would count the four straight that Virginia won from 2008-2011. But until the sport (or rather, the indoors version of the sport) is recognized by the NCAA for a national championship, we won't. There are a million ways to slice how you count the number of national titles a school has -- ours is but just one. Wahoowa