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STL Live: Virginia vs Army (NCAA Regional Game 1)

We here at Streaking the Lawn are going to try something new for today's coverage of the first game of the 2012 Charlottesville NCAA Regional. We're going to do a live chat while the game is going on, with coverage from several of our writers, some of whom will be in attendance at Davenport Field. This is something I tried with much success in the past, so we hope you find it useful and entertaining!

There is one caveat, however: We don't really know when the game will be played today. It is currently scheduled for 11am, but as Will already mentioned, the weather is a bit iffy. Regardless of when the game actually occurs, we'll be here with updates, analysis and more than our fair share of snarky comments.

The chat will begin at 10:45 am. Hit the jump to join in!