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2012 NBA Draft: Virginia's Mike Scott Rising in Mock Drafts

The 2012 NBA Draft is just 15 days away. Virginia's Mike Scott recently participated in the NBA Combine in Chicago where he was able to show off his speed and versatility, and try to put to rest any worries of age and size.

Though most mock drafts at this point are still just predicting the first round (and are not including Mike Scott), at least two services have Scott getting drafted in the second round.

DraftExpress has Scott going as the 27th second round pick (57th overall) to the NJ Nets. In remarks posted prior to the combine, DraftExpress calls Scott an "extremely polished and versatile offensive option" who "never looks rushed and has plenty of tricks up his sleeves."

Meanwhile, he's risen in's mock draft, from No. 16 in the second round (46th overall) in the beginning of May to now No. 7 in the second round (37th overall) to Toronto.

Chad Ford recently dropped Scott from No. 44 on the big board to No. 47.

Scott spoke to Hoops World this past weekend to discuss his strengths, weaknesses, and which NBA teams have expressed interest in him.